5 FAQs Related to Continuing Education Units

Though Continuing Education Units have started invading job sectors but still a number of job holders aren’t aware of it! Given below are few of the frequently asked questions related to CEU. Go through it:

What are CEUs?

Starting it from simple notes, CEUs or Continuing Education Units are the participation of a professional in the respective educational program or courses. The major objective of this is to enhance the skills of the job holders, so that they have a better stand in their professional sphere. Cheap CEUs programs can be of different types like workshops, seminar, self study or tutorials. The courses are imparted by government recognized bodies and all the guidelines of the courses strictly follow the job requirements.

Continuing Education Units
Why are CEUs important?

CEU measures the updated skill and talent of an individual. Gone are those days when a heavy and attractive resume was fetching you a good job with lucrative salary; and even after getting a job, it seemed as if no one in the world can snatch it from you. Forget the past! Get ready for the future. What seems more important these days is sustaining a job. Recession hit job market has created job scarcity. And even if you manage to get a good job, crossing all the levels of the interview, still you will be in doldrums for sustaining. Being in a job has become tough nowadays.

From where can I get an authentic certificate?

From any recognized college or university. You can get them online, but be aware of fake institutes. Do not fall false assurances and fake certificates.

How much does it cost to join a CEU class?

Not much! But yes, it can be much more than the stipulated amount if you do not opt for the right classes. You need to make a thorough research before joining any CEU course.

CEU course
Do I need to resign from my present job for joining a CEU course?

No, unless and until you join an online CEU course. Taking the concern of job holders, who were not interested in quitting or taking long leaves for a course, many institutes have started offering online CEU courses. You don’t have to worry about the class timing also. You can easily attend your class through pre-designed tutorials, slide presentations and videos.


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