Timeless support and assistance to aged and deprived people

You may be assisting an elderly or a Nursing Home administrator but if you don’t go through the CEUs then you will not be considered to be having full knowledge of the subject. We bring the courses to your desktop so that you can get the certification whenever you get some leisure time. Most of our courses will be completed within 3-4 hours and after taking the test you will be awarded the certification then and there. We provide different course for personal care providers, nursing home administrators and other medical support staff. We also follow the state mandate ceu requirements like the medical ethics and infection control.


Our website is very much user friendly so you won’t have any problem browsing through it and getting the information that you require. When you will click on the courses you will find the credit and the price beside it to help you and once you click on the course which you want to complete then it will give you a summary about what you will learn from the course and how much time you have to devote for this. Let’s say for example you want to complete the Ethics for long term care then it will cost you $40 and it will take around 4 hours to complete the course. This course will make you understand how to take care of the elderly as their contribution in our upbringing has been huge and now is the payback time so the family members want some expert help to take care of the elderly parents. This is where you step in after completing the course. You will have the certification to prove your ability and knowledge in this matter.


Assisted Living CEUs course will help you with Alzheimer’s Care of the confused, grief and depression, mentally healthy aging, injury prevention in elderly care. Another important thing is taking care of the person who has suffered from strokes. We offer course which takes only 3.75 hours and within that period you will get full knowledge about the signs, symptoms, complications and medications along with taking care of the after having stoke. We emphasize ore on the health needs and we can help the patient recover quickly. CEUs for long term care are designed for aged people who doesn’t have any support of their home or who are handicapped. They are given place to stay and are taken care of providing the all the required facilities.

There has been law which states that the sick and elderly will be better taken care of in an institution rather than at their home so we provide the CEUs for long term care course which will make you understand the needs of the old people and how to take care of them. After going through our course you will be able to start your work as the long term care administrator as our certification is valued a lot. It is a noble cause where you are serving your country be serving their people and we are privileged to be a part of it by providing the knowledge of doing things correctly.


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